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Switched USB Expansion Hubs
4, 7, and 14 port Switched USB Expansion Hubs.

Hubport offers a simple solution for adding USB ports to a PC, server or thin client for instant peripheral device connectivity. This external, user installable solution plugs into a standard USB port to provide additional USB ports in a compact chassis. The switched USB architecture guarantees maximum performance on all ports simultaneously. Models include AC or DC powered hubs that accept power from standard AC wall plugs or a range of 5.5-30 VDC power sources, such as vehicle batteries. The Industrial grade compact chassis is small enough to fit nearly anywhere. With a high USB port count, the rack mount option is perfect for data center applications. Feature-rich design, extensive operating system support and reliable performance make Hubport ideal for mission-critical environments. Applications include connecting devices to a hub powered by car or truck battery for mobile applications; providing multiport USB connectivity in a kiosk or other compact environments; and connecting USB peripheral devices at an office workstation.
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Digi 301-1010-44 Digi 301-2010-27 Digi 301-1010-74
ESP Price: $224.00
ESP Price: $246.00
ESP Price: $276.00
Digi Hubport 4 port industrial compact USB hub w/(4) type A USB 2.0 ports, 5.5-30VDC power & non-captive connector Digi Hubport 7 port industrial compact USB hub w/(7) type A USB 2.0 ports & 5.5-30VAC power supply (Int'l) Digi Hubport 7 port industrial compact USB hub w/(7) type A USB 2.0 ports, 5.5-30VDC power supply & non-captive connector
Digi 301-3010-71 Digi HP-USB-14
ESP Price: $344.00
ESP Price: $535.00
Digi Hubport 7c USB 3.1 hub w/ 6-30VDC power, industrial grade enclosure & terminal power plug (extended temperature model) Digi Hubport 14 port USB 2.0 hub w/(14) type A USB 2.0 ports & plug-mounted 120-230VAC power supply (rackmount)