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Real-Time Environmental Data Using Zigbee® Networks Digi XBee Sensors are compact, battery powered environmental sensors for Zigbee networks.

They provide real-time temperature, light and humidity information for a variety of applications including building automation and security, energy management, food management, freight and vehicle monitoring, and many more. Installation is easy. Simply insert batteries, add the XBee sensor to the Zigbee network, and configure the update interval. Next, mount the device in an out-of-the way location and start communicating. Their small form factor and long-life battery power make XBee Sensors easy to integrate with Digi’s Drop-in Networking solutions to provide reliable, unobtrusive communications, without the need for a wired network infrastructure. XBee products are part of Digi's unsurpassed range of Drop-in Networking solutions, offering users seamless wireless communication between devices, including modules, adapters, routers and gateways. XBee embedded modules deliver wireless connectivity to remote devices. XBee adapters provide wireless connectivity to electronic devices in wired networks. XBee wall routers extend the range of a Zigbee network. XBee XTenders provide long-range backhaul and data conversion between 2.4 GHz and 900MHz. ConnectPort® X gateways enable users to access remote devices in a Zigbee network.