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Expandable Control Boards

The RabbitNet signals are differential RS-422, which are series-terminated at the source. Peripheral cards and master controllers connect using a standard CAT5/6 Ethernet cable or a crossover cable if using an OP7200 as a slave display. There are several RabbitNet card options which include: RN1100-Digital I/O RN1200-A/D RN1300-D/A RN1400-Relay expansion RN1600-Keypad display interface. The RabbitNet system typically consists of a master single board computer and one or two peripheral cards. Several Rabbit SBCs such as the BL4S200 or BL2600 act as the master controller for fast data processing and provide the power onboard needed for the peripheral cards. Distances between a master unit and peripheral cards can be up to 10m or 33 ft with speeds up to 1Megabit persecond. Cards can be mounted in 100 mm DIN rail trays and optionally there is a RN1000 hub to connect up to 8 devices.